Maniac Stunt Rider Simulation: Bike Race 2018

Do you ever had a chance to ride a heavy bike in real life? Here is your chance to play a heavy bike simulation game. Perform amazing bike stunts which you wish to perform in any extreme bike stunts simulator? "Maniac Stunt Rider Simulation: Bike Race 2018" takes the road racing genre to a whole new level. Dodge the traffic racer! and perform impossible bike stunts. This heavy traffic moto rider on highway is essence of smooth arcade moto racing that you can enjoy on play store in the shell of the next generation. Ride your amazing super heavy bike on endless highway mission, or on city mission ride. Upgrade your heavy bike and buy new bikes to beat the missions.Time has come to hit the road with real moto ride skills. Bike racing is a must have game for all maniac highway rider. Start the engine, hit the gas and experience the thrill of handling a 100 MPH beast. Dodge heavy traffic, get power ups, collect coins. Get ready for Nitrous fueled racing action and ride your way to victory in the busy traffic lane of highway road.This is a fast paced racing game. Control your motor Bike with incredible speed during traffic rush time! Feel the thrill of racing action stunts in extreme moto ride today! This moto rider game is for crazy stunt simulator riders. But only the best bike could take you far and far on the stunt tracks in this extreme racing game. Earn a lot of coins and points. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit and racing in 2 different environment, highway roads and city ride!Ride your bike through streets packed with real life traffic and fast approaching cars. Keep accelerating heavy so that the score will be boosted. Avoid lorry, trucks, fast cars, different road hurdles and even road blocks! This is an exciting and challenging motorcycle racing game that brings you the world's top speed moto ride and satisfying extreme moto ride in traffic experience!As fast as possible the speed of driving and racing, will help you become the world's top best moto driver! Ride your motorbike, drive on endless busy roads and highways, escape the vehicle and collect free coins. Enjoy this real driving experience, but do not relax, the road is full of high-speed cars, you must be careful to avoid these vehicles.This is a fast-paced 3D motorway racing game with stunning 3D graphics and smooth tilt controls. Just by simply tilting your device to overtake other vehicles on the road to avoid brutal crashes. By avoiding the highways on the truck, Jeep, and Hummer earn gold coins. Improve your motorcycle skills. Complete challenging tasks! Collect gold coins to unlock more fast and strong locomotives! The exciting music and sound effects also add to the fast-paced moto racing experience.This game will be an addiction for you. In the rest time, enjoy the motorcycle game to bring your inner ultimate rider of fast and heavy speed bikes experience. Can ease your day's fatigue. If you want to be a great motorcycle driver, then join the game quickly, it will provide you with crazy adventure ride experience of high-speed motorcycles adventure in the professional environment.FEATURESMultiple motorbikes to unlockMultiple camera anglesRealistic heavy bike soundsMultiple Detailed environmentsTIPSGet extra point each time you over take with less distanceThe faster you ride, the more scores you getWhen driving over 100 mph, overtake traffic cars closely to get bonus scores and cashGet power ups and collect more coinsPerform stunts and enjoy
Operating System Android