Snow sled car crash

Ever dreamed of riding the Santa Claus sleigh and deliver presents like Santa does? Don't worry, this Christmas, you can enjoy riding the sleigh in this extreme cold weather on an endless snowy track.So start your engine and be that sled rider you always wished to become! Avoid crashing other cars, trucks and buses to get more points and be the High scorer snowmobile rider. Speed up your sledge by giving more power to engine by using NOS feature and collect all the health and speed bonuses while driving. Can you cope with the madness and extreme winter circumstances around this snowy track with cool snowcross circuits? Put on your helmet and achieve perfect score in all three modes of this challenging game while riding your snowmobile around the heavy traffic road.Start this adventure and drive your sled to the finish without crashing against cars or other vehicles on the road while stunting around while enjoying the snowfall! You can even crash cars by hitting them but don't forget to collect health bonuses while crashing cars. Go freestyle or follow the track to collect all speed up and health bonuses on the tracks to survive incredible crashes.. So make yourself ready for winter 2018 because it will get crazy this Christmas with your fast racing sledge that can handle this cold and chilly weather! Collect a lot of coins so you can upgrade your sleigh and become faster and faster.Features of Snow Sledge Car Crash:- 2 Control options- 3 game modes- Infinite riding experience- Snowmobile upgrades- Bonuses during the ride- Amazing road experience with snowfallWe hope you like this adventurous winter simulation game. Don't forget to rate and review us, so we can see improve our driving simulator games. We wish you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!"Extreme and thrilling snowmobile riding experience"
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