Stickman Draw Racer

Create a true hardcore together with the stickman driver.Participate and watch real destruction. Choose your favorite vehicles to ride in various levels, speed control, suspension and fuel capacity. Do stunt as you want in Stuntman Draw Racer and don't forget to grab your oil tanks as fuel is the only food of your monster truck.Motorcar fun and challenging tracks using your stuntman draw racer. If your player gathers speed and crash with hanging obstacles than you get another chance to improve driving skills.Draw paths by your own mindset and sensibility. Sketching mountains with your finger and climb them with your car will requires your focus. Feel free and be creative while drawing roads to move car forward efficiently.Features of Stickman Draw Racer:- Collect diamonds- Vehicles selection- Spike cutters- Fuel cylinders- Fingertip drawing tracks- New tricks of drivingDo not attempt game actions in real life.
Operating System Android