Chained Racing

Chained racing is an endless runner in which players can't directly control their character at all new chain break off road taxi car driving. Instead, they have to rely on manipulating the environment by breaking chains and dropping platforms to make sure the knight can continue unhindered on his quest of saving a magical cow of crazy Prado.The veritable physics of the higher-end cars we used here is easy to play but hard to master. The best part of the game is its graphics, which gives uncompromising realism to the game play. The designer has given a lot of attention to give accurate detailing to both the vehicles and the environments with lots of passion.The task is to control your car with the speed of your chained AI car. Maintain very proper speed to avoid aggressive crashes. Here you can find how difficult the city car driving will be, with more speed breakers and road diversions. We added some extra off-road obstacles to make your chained car ride really tougher. Become the driving car master in different zones of earth by enjoying chilled snowy wind and in search of Oasis in the hot desert.Features:- Multiple chained cars- Realistic Car physics- Awesome 3d environment- Super luxury cars to chose and drive- No drink and drive allowedGet chained racing in your device for free today and play from cars racing games category. Challenge the best driver in yourself.
Operating System Android