3D Truck Racing High Speed Race

3D Truck Racing: High Speed Race is a fast paced game in which you will race your own huge truck against other racers from all around the world. Going head to head in different cities only true control and ability will allow you to finish in first place and take home the gold trophy.How to playTo play you simply select which truck you would like to race with and the drive to the start line. Use the gas button to go faster and the brake button to slow down when approaching corners. Steer using the left and right buttons. If you find yourself falling behind you can pick up nitro drops and engage nitro by pressing the button. Finish first place in each race to advance to the next zone or you need to replay.Racing Truck featuresThe game features advanced 2018 graphics, bringing you a real exciting racing experience in 3D.A large selection of the fastest trucks to race with.Different cities to go head to head in, all designed to give you a challenging yet authentic truck racing experience.
Operating System Android