Truck Racing Highlands

Truck Racing Highlands is a 3D racing game that puts you behind the wheel of a monster 6 wheeler truck. Get on your cap and sound the horn because it's going to get fast and it's going to get dirty.Get to the garage and begin by choosing which truck you want to get on the road with. Race in the seat of a vehicle that makes you feel cool and then get ready to drive kids.When the countdown completes on each race you need to slam your finger on the throttle button and hit max speed as fast as you can. Slide around corners and ram into the other trucks, do whatever it takes to finish in first place or you'll lose and be forced to replay. Use your brakes wisely if you're going too fast when approaching a corner and pick up nitro drops to be used in difficult situations.Racing features:A selection of high performance trucks.Challenging race tracks all set in 2018 cities.City and countryside racing.
Operating System Android