Driving Speed Car

Do you want to play a crazy racing game?Here you can drive an epic racing car on the road. There is no death here, only competition. Driving your car, facing the busy traffic on the road. Experience the speed and passion of the car.Endless road, realistic environment, these are the fast-paced car game supporting role. You only need a simple operation, control the car, to avoid traffic, while completing a variety of thrilling action. Accelerate and overtake, you can get gold coins. Through the coin you can unlock more high-performance racing cars, all kinds of epic racing waiting for your choice.Hurry up to join the game, feel the speed to bring you the passion and fun itDriving Speed Car Features:- Simple and smooth driving- endless road- the real traffic environment- realistic 3D graphics- Realistic car physics effect- all kinds of high-end advanced car- Fast-paced racing game
Operating System Android