Mermaid Water Swimming Tournament

Mermaid Water Swimming TournamentWelcome to Mermaid Water Swimming Tournament where you enter in the water as a beautiful mermaid and win the swimming championship. Practice swimming in a realistic cool water environment! Select your favorite mermaid and play this swimming tournament. This Mermaid swimming tournament game is not easy at all. Water Swimming Championship is full of thrilling racing just swim fast to win this tournament! Get ready to swim like a real mermaid and beat all the rivals in this championship.Get ready for a natural blast and try different relays from 100 meters to 400 meters using different water swimming techniques including breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly stroke and a freestyle! Feel like a real water queen, Control your swim by selecting the screen and tap quickly to move fast in the water. Speed boost button increase your swimming speed in the water championship. GAMEPLAY:Mermaid Water Swimming Tournament is exciting game where you play as beautiful mermaid and race with the other rival in the swimming championship. Defeat other lovely mermaid and climb the ranks to become the Swimming Champion. Swim fast and do anything to win the competition! Try again until your mermaid gets to the top of the board. Collect all gold medals and become the champion in this mermaid swimming championship simulator. Clear all the hurdles and swim like a real water queen to win the race. Complete 2 lap as fast as you can and become first mermaid champion. Thrilling missions are ready to blast in the gaming world.MERMAID WATER SWIMMING TOURNAMENT FEATURES:- Play as beautiful mermaid and win the tournament- Choose your favorite mermaid and feel like water queen - Stimulating contests and missions- Beautiful Swimming Pool environment- Addictive gameplay and easy controlMermaid water swimming tournament is specially designed for all mermaid lover and water queen fans. This water swimming tournament is full of fun and feel like water queen in cool water environment. Clear all the racing levels and become best mermaid swimming champion.
Operating System Android