Racing Bike Impossible High-Sky Road 3D

Welcome to Racing Bike Impossible High-Sky Road 3D game.In Which You Will Drive a Bike Through Thrilling Stunts on Impossible Tracks on High-Sky Road Which is Beautiful and realistic.Challenges:In Racing Bike Impossible High-Sky Road 3D Which is constructed with highfy experienced modeler that desighned facinating challenges which make drive Impossible.But from try again and again you would makes it possible because Impossible means I-M-Possible. There are 10 unique challenging Levels which you have to pass one by one.Bikes:The Bikes are designed for adventurous,Dangurous,Thrilling,Moving,turning,Ups and downs tracks with horrifying hurdles.There are three types of bikes.Enviroment:This game is for those people who love to perform high level stunts with racing bikes,Like fastest drives on Bikes Through dangerous turns,Horrifying Jumps,Ups and Downs on high sky roads.Tracks And Levels are Desighned from Containers Curved Roads Wooden Blocks High Jumps Track Patched,Round-About circles turns and Star shaped Track patched and Many more you will discover in this game while playing.Bikes Models are:Desert Bike that cover speed of approx 220 KM/Hr.Heavy Bike that cover speed of approx 320 KM/Hr.Police Squad Heavy Bike that cover speed of approx 550 KM/Hr.Quit Silent Features of Racing Bike Impossible High-Sky Road 3D:.Impossible adventurous tracks to discover..New Heavy racing bikes with different engine power,size and colors..Thrilling and adventurous racing unique challenging Levels..10 Unique Sky-Box with Different Cities and Desigins..Extreme graphics with HD-Quality..Classic smooth Controls.Now its Time to Play..! Its all depends on You How You Control Your Crazy Fast Bike across the Clouds In High-Sky Impossible Track Roads.
Operating System Android