Underground Turkish Drift Race 17

Are you ready to fly underground races with the hawks? Are you ready to continue the legendary game and download the big package content? The most up-to-date and super cars are in this game!With Sahin Kartal, Dogan and many other domestic modified cars, you can enjoy the chance to fly and win the races. You can enjoy racing with real cars. Modify your car with the money you buy and buy more advanced cars. Get ready to meet the most wonderful car game of.2017. Join the races and drifts with great street cars at night, but be careful because the cops can fall in cash! If you win the race and the police fall in cash, avoid them with the speed of your car. Big race enthusiasts are waiting for you with your wonderful cars and be the race king of the streets defeating them!* Falcon, Eagle and E30 and many more special cars* High Quality Graphics* High performance* Easy Gameplay* True Physics Rules* Tool Modify Option* Nitro Option* Racing, drift, drag and free driving modeYou can use steering, gas and brakes to control your car. you must arrive at the point of arrival before the period is complete and complete the section. In free-ride mode, you can enjoy a fun and enjoyable driving experience in the wide city. In total, when you have several different cars, you can use the gas, brakes and steering wheel on the screen.What are you waiting for in the real car racing game?
Operating System Android