Traffic Racer : Madness

Traffic Racer: Madness is the new exciting sequel to the game Traffic Racer: Madnes. Traffic Racer: Madnes is a 3D Car Racing Simulation Game of endless arcade racing. Download Traffic Racer: Madness for free now. GAME FEATURES- Highway, Desert, City, Village and Japnnese style great levels- 6 cars and truck (Sport car, classical car, race car, mini car) - Realistic traffic system- Real gravity and physics. Pedestrian traffic- Perfect HD graphics- Real car sounds- 3 different cam angle. Realistic steering wheel (Each wheel is designed special for a car. Every car has a different driving.) - Perfect car physic and car simulation- Car Drive on the highway traffic- Large City Maps- Beautiful 3D graphics- Realistic and responsive car driving and handling- 2 Highly detailed environments to drive in: Desert and Countryside- Customize the look of cars- Addictive high score and bonuses- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth and realistic driving- 4 detailed environments: Village, Desert, City, Winter- Upgradeable Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Braking options- Customizable Paints, Rims, Vinyls- Online Leaderboards and AchievementsTIPS- Traffic Racer: Madness is an addictive game for the fans of arcade racing and driving simulations. Drive the sports car faster, the faster you drive the higher the score you'll get- When driving at high speeds, be sure to drive close to traffic to get an overtake bonus - Try driving in the opposite lane. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICSEnjoy the cutting edge 3D graphics with realistically created environments and amazingly detailed cars. UPGRADE YOUR CARUpgrade your car to the limits, customize with paints, vinyls and rims. Make it better, faster, stronger and prettier. HOW TO PLAY- Tilt or Touch controls for the car's steering - Touch gas pedal for the car's speed- Touch brake pedal to stop the car or slow down speed, better handling- Touch nitro buttons for speed boostPlease rate Traffic Racer: Madness and give your feedback.
Operating System Android