The Floor is Lava - Lava Car Challenge 2017

The Floor is Lava is simple childhood game that anyone can play in streets, commute and supermarket. This is indoor and outdoor game. The Floor is Lava Challenge the new One trending game that is so simple to play but difficult to master. Someone sought and you simply climb on near position higher then lave ground and this is the onlyway you can survive in this new trending game 2017. The Floor is lava also known as ground is lava Challenge or plane is lava challenge. There is nothing quite like the Zen of 'The Floor is Lava'. "I used to get lost in the local supermarket, but since I have been playing 'The Floor is Lava', I can navigate the aisles perfectly and at great speed. " - Happy super marketeer How To Play The Floor is Lava Car Challenge is very simple endless racing game you just need to follow these instruction to play this game. (1) you need to tap on the screen to turn two cars that are running on molten lava ground. (2) you need to avoid form enemies car and collect colorful circles. Features (1) Molten Lava Ground (2) Glow, laser and neon graphics (3) Best Lava trending Game 2017.
Operating System Android