Wind Rider Racing

Welcome To The Age Of Sky, conquer all obstacles and be the fastest "Wind Rider" in the Aeropolis universe with Roulette Otovic. =How to play. =. Press "UP" to go up. Press "DOWN" to go down. Press / Hold "EVADE" to evade. Press "TURBO" to increase speed and after 10 seconds "HYPER" button will be active. Press "HYPER" to enable HYPER skill. Collect 10 Crystal to get 1 Turbo. =FEATURES Wind Rider Racing. =. 6 Aero Racers with different skills: Roulette Otovic -SkyBike: Hurricane-Mel Julikova -SkyBike: Cyclone-Red Baron -SkyBike: Tornado-Griffin Vorkowski -SkyBike: Typhoon-Sasha Ingebolt -SkyBike: Gale-Sky Clown -SkyBike: Twister. 6 Challenging Arenas: Aeropolis Moskova-Mega Aeropolis Rostov-Aeropolis Belyvo-Sky Border-Vladistan-Valley Of The Broken Wings. All SkyBike can be upgraded. =ABOUT Wind Rider racing. =Wind Rider Racing is a racing fantasy game based on comicsWind Rider: Sky Age by Is Yuniarto & John G Reinhart. So what are you waiting for, download Wind Rider Racing now and get the comicsin your favorite bookstores. Suggestions and criticisms can be emailed to fredd@krunchisoft.comNote: This game uses Google Play Game Service. You need a Google account for Leaderboard and Achievement access. Location permission to served better ads for player.
Operating System Android