Highway Racing Pro

Game Highway Racer (HR) as an ambitious game To make you feel this excitement. You can choose one of the fastest cars that suits you best, And you can change its colorFrames, And increased capacity for maneuver and acceleration, And brake capabilities. You can get more credit if you avoid getting caught up in accidents during the highway challenge, Then you can use this credit to get new cars and modify them. Game Features: You can choose from different quick ways. You can play using "One Way", "Two Way" or "Reverse Direction" road systems. The reality of the game is very different from the other racing games. There are right and left turns, bridges and sharp slides along the way. With Google Play, you can see the results of other (HR) contestants and you can compete with them. There are several different cars and different color options. You can also make other adjustments. There are options for automatic acceleration and guidance using tilt, drag and touch. etc.Game tactics: The closer you are to the car you skip, the greater the result. The faster you drive, the greater the result. The more you drive in the opposite direction, the greater the result. Do not forget to use brakes to avoid accidents. With excellent 3D graphics36e510bf55.
Operating System Android