Moto Bandits - Bank Heist Riders

Moto Bandits is new and all improved Traffic riders With most innovative take on the Genre. the First person view as bike rider him self. you will feel like you are riding your bike and running away from heist gone wrong. sounds easy and fun? Nope it wont be that easy for sure. you will race, face traffic, face amazing and dangerous twists and turns. on-coming cars, cows, snow, Forrest and many different tracks. so don't get bored playing same game over and over again, get this and improve your racing skills. Be an extreme Moto bikes Racer on highways, steer through traffic, accident with incoming cars. Be the mechanic, show your style and ultimate Swag. Game features: Many Different Game modes Like Time trial, Traffic, Endless Run and so on. Three Different Race Tracks like City, Snow roads, Forrest and many more coming Soon. Options to choose your own controls, Steering wheel, Touch Buttons and even Accelerometer. Option to buy Different Bikes, change colors, upgrade engines in garage and so on. Earn coins, buy bikes, unlock new levels and keep moving ahead on game, compete with your friends and family and have fun riding awesome bikes on amazing roads.
Operating System Android