Get turbo fast experience with this new racing game Truck Racer. Truck Racer is a non mainstream endless racing game for you in 2017. This game has all the high quality of race mechanics but enhanced with cartoon alike graphics. If you are a fans of cars fast and turbo fast, you should download this game. This game has realistic graphics, controls and physics for vehicle driving and simulation on racing. Become the racer of different cars, truck, bus and also trailer. Step on the paddle and go with speed on opposing direction to earn more money, coins and points. You can also perform tail gate or near miss stunt when you dodge all the traffic in the highway. FEATURES of TRUCK RACER1. Choose from 3 different difficult mode, ONE way, TWO way, TIME attack2. Choose from 2 different controller, touch button or tilt your phone for steering direction3. Choose from 4 different weather enviroment, RAINING, SUNNY, SPRING, NIGHT4. Choose from 4 types of maps, Jungle, Highway, City, Country Desert, Mountain5.4 vehicles to choose from, monster truck, green monster trailer, cute white bus, and blue sports car. 6. Modify your car or truck by collecting coins to purchase turbo engine, brake, suspension tuning7. You can also modify the design and look of your car8. Suitable for kids, toodles and also adults, game that easy to play but hard to master. Download this Truck Racer today and become the True Formula Racer of all time. Do share us your feedback and rate us 5 star =).
Operating System Android


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