Miraien Tournament for Windows 10

It is the year 2042. In this time, war has finally ended on Planet Earth. With world peace a thing now, the world superpowers could finally put their money towards much better things for the human race. One of these is. entertainment. Even with TVs, video game consoles and smartphones, people still like heading outside every now and then. And one proposal to get everyone excited every year for something was put forward by an engineer going by the name of Jan-Ryukku. This man had built a prototype vehicle he dubs the Miraien, an electromagnetic vehicle capable of hovering above the ground and reaching astonishing speeds. he puts the vehicle and a set of race rules forward when the world superpowers send out a call to those willing to invent a new form of entertainment. The government decided to take the chance and test this idea out on a new track being built in Amsterdam. The first race held using these machines was a success, and the government approved the idea, resulting in the birth of the organization dubbed "type-m racing" Since then, the roller-derby style races became very popular, and contact with alien species established a trade for parts that powered these vehicles, with certain intergalactic nations willing to host races on their home planets. Soon, a well-defined grand-prix across the milky way galaxy formed, with each race packed to the brim with spectators. On the 26/10/2042, a massive tournament is going to commence, and such tournament is to last for a week. This tournament is the biggest in type-m history, and has one of the biggest cash-prizes ever seen in a type-m race. If you, the game player, decide to enter this intergalactic grand prix, you are up against both the veterans of type-m racing, and the filth who only aim to ruin the race for everyone else. Each race is a very tense and fast effort to not only come in first, but come in first with no scratch on your machine. Plus, you must have the reflexes to handle 768kph max speed at all times. Are you prepared entrant, to enter the Miraien Tournament? Controls: Up arrow/Xbox A button: select menu option/accelerate. Down arrow/Xbox B button: brakes - Space bar/Xbox Right Trigger: Boost button. Esc/Xbox START button: Pause Some notes: in-game, your car has a temperature gauge, and a condition gauge. If the condition gauge falls to zero, the car blows up and it's game over. If the temps get too high, this risks having an engine fire destroy your car. Therefore, don't force boosting too much. Using plasma panels to boost helps cool down the engine, but the resulting boost is shorter. Whenever you need to repair, drive through a repair station, and it will suck in your car and repair it, then drop it onto the track again. (HOWEVER: Check the release notes, as there is a bug that can occur if you do so around other opponents. I'm currently investigating the cause of the issue) - There are two cups, three courses each. (and counting, I'll be releasing more content in the coming months.) Are you prepared to take on them all? - Set your nickname in options, and have the game keep track of your races. NOTE: Requires a keyboard to be present. Known Issues: It is currently possible to get trapped in the repair station if an opponent collides with the car upon entering the station. This mostly affects AIs, but it can affect human players too, so be mindful of this while racing. I'm still investigating what's causing it, and will get out a fix soon. If the window is resized in a race, the window starts displaying a pink and rainbow texture. This is also the reason the game defaults to full-screen. Although it is possible to plug in an Xbox controller in-game to switch to it, you can't switch back. Lag in some stages, namely Double Jump. If the player name isn't set, the trophy screen always displays "try again. " to set player name, go to options, then type it in, hit enter, then select "save" to workaround the bug. AI's too easy at times. this could potentially be a knock-on effect of the trapping bug. Collisions tend to fail on slopes or if you fall a great height. Sometimes, hitting very small inclines sends the car flying upwards. It is possible to pause if you lose the game. This shouldn't happen, as there is already a way to return to the main menu if you lose. Window focus problem; often the game starts, but is unresponsive until you click inside the window. Doing this activates the first option. Shadow bias issues in the last course; currently, there is no fix. For all those who enter the race, good luck.
Operating System Mobile Windows Mobile Windows Windows 10
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, ARM, x64)