RollerCoaster Fun Park

Welcome to FunLand - the greatest amusement park and prepare for a full day of fun. Jump in the train and experience adventurous roller coaster ride: enjoy fast speed, dangerous death loops, steep drops and sharp curves, beat funfair monsters, avoid burning steam and fire blasts, various obstacles and more. AWESOME ROLLER COASTERSHop in your favorite amusement park train: Hot-Dog, Roller Blade, Bumper Car and Dragon and have fun in exciting theme park attractions. CHALLENGING RAIL TRAILSJoin your friends and ride in adventurous funfair racing trails: ride on railroad constructions, enjoy fast speed, dangerous death loops, steep drops and sharp curves, rise above the clouds and go down to the dark dungeons to beat the monsters, avoid exploding barrels, burning steam and fire blasts. DESIGNED FOR FAMILIESThis adventurous theme park game has big buttons, simple and kid-friendly game controls and it can be played by the whole family: tap GO button as quick as you can to drive faster and click on the ACTION button to take an action: turn on carousel, pop up clouds and shoot power balls at the dungeon monster. EXCITING FUNLAND ATTRACTIONSRace in 12 challenging roller coaster levels. Meet cute train drivers Frog, Bear and Fox who are ready to carry kids across the magic amusement park full of exciting attractions. EDUCATIONAL VALUEThis adventurous theme park racing game stimulates reaction, flexible thinking and creativity, develops hand-eye coordination and self-control, it also improves task performance, problem solving and quick decision making skills. ENTERTAINING GAMEEnjoy dynamic and interactive FunLand theme park attractions, challenging levels, colorful game graphics and cute animations, physics-based roller coaster driving experience, realistic voice-overs, great sound effects and exciting amusement park style music. This is the best game for all young age kids. So visit the most amazing FunLand theme park and get ready for exciting roller coaster attractions with other girls and boys: enjoy fast ride, steep drops and sharp curves, run away from funfair park monsters and beat anyone who passes your way. NOTICEThis roller coaster game is completely free to play, but the game also offers in-app purchases. CONTACT US Let us know your opinion about this adventurous FunLand amusement park game. Having questions? Need technical support? Contact us at support@tinylabproductions.comGet the latest games news and special offers at: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE:
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