Dinosaur Park Train Race

Choo-Choo. Welcome aboard. Get ready for exciting train racing adventure in prehistoric dinosaur park. Choose your favorite choo-choo, ride and complete adventurous prehistoric train game tasks: defeat dinosaurs, transport cargos and race with other trains. AWESOME JURASSIC WORLD TRAINSChoose best prehistoric world choo-choo: Diablosaurus, Reptiler, Dinommoth and Jurassic Dragon. COMPLETE CHALLENGING TASKSBeat the dino boss, win prehistoric trains race to get the prize, click on the right levers during the train racing competition and transport various types of goods as dinosaurs, eggs and berries. ADVENTUROUS RACING WORLDRace in 2 challenging jurassic choo-choo worlds: Dino Trains and Alpine Trains. Complete even 24 adventurous train racing levels. CHALLENGING TRAIN RACING TRACKSPass through a dense prehistoric jungle by driving on dangerous railroads, falling bridges, steep hills and tricky moving terrain, swim across the water or lava lakes and avoid various obstacles as meteor shower, bees, rocks and more. DESIGNED FOR KIDS & TODDLERSGame has big buttons, simple and kid-friendly game controls which gives kid the best chance of winning each train racing level. Tap GO button as quick as you can to drive faster. Click on the ACTION button to take an action and load the wagon. EDUCATIONAL VALUEThis adventurous dino train racing game stimulates reaction, flexible thinking and creativity, develops hand-eye coordination and self-control, it also improves task performance, problem solving and quick decision making skills. ENTERTAINING GAMEEnjoy dynamic and interactive gameplay, challenging game levels, colorful graphics, awesome animations, physics-based choo-choo driving experience, great sound effects, realistic voice-overs and beautiful Jurassic park music. This is the best prehistoric train driving game for kids who are passionate about awesome choo-choo's, love to race, transport various cargos and beat the villains. Are you ready for the best jurassic adventure? If, yes, the hop in the dino train and ride full steam ahead. NOTICEThis adventurous dino train racing game for kids is completely free to play, but the game also offers in-app purchases. CONTACT USLet us know your opinion about this game. Having questions? Need technical support? Contact us at support@tinylabproductions.com. ABOUT TINY LAB PRODUCTIONS. Tiny Lab Productions is a publisher and developer of innovative, high-quality and free-to-play mobile games for kids and toddlers. Company lovingly creates simple and kid - friendly games and is famous for its leading games series Fun Kid Racing. Download similar racing games from Tiny Lab Productions: Fun Kids Train Racing Game, Ice Road Truck Driving Race, Truck Driving Race US Route 66 and more. Get the latest games news and special offers at: WEBSITE: http://www.tinylabkids.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TinyLabKids TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TinyLabKids YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/TinyLabKids.
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