Impossible Stunts - Police Car

Are you ready to take the legend police cop car on the rampage impossible stunts, drive these amazing reckless police cars and monster jeeps over the suspended bridge hanging in the air for rough crazy daredevil tracks with extreme risky stunts, jumps, loops and obstacles experience the real car driving. Drive these amazing fast grand police 911 emergency autos with furious speed onto the floating base impossible tracks simulator. As an efficient police stunt driver get behind the steering of squad sports automobiles and perform amazing aerial flip jumps, tricks, drag and drift, crash, boost, and slide all around the sky driving tracks, immense high speed is required to jump in the air and cross the jet car whirlpool and ramps, perform reckless grand stuntman with super patrol automobiles to challenge your rivals to beat them in this aerial simulation championship. Choose best police luxury cars with super suspensions with realistic breaking, climb up the massive heights to touch the skies like a legend, don't fall off or wipe out from the cliff else you will be eliminated. Dare to be a fearless extreme crazy stunt driver on deadly and impossible rigged steel moulded roads, this needs special training and skills as elevating on immense heights and doing mid-air ramp manoeuvring is not an easy task as these impossible tracks are really dangerous. Drive the best and luxury Dubai police muscle cars and monster 4x4 trucks 3D simulator and reach the checkpoints to complete the challenge, this needs real experience as a mad racer, feel the jet adrenaline rush on the tricky and most dangerous obstacles, turns and twists of the track without any damage show your fearless and deadly driving passion on impossible stunt tracks. Go into the hard time garage and mechanic's workshop full of ultimate police cop chase autos boost, drift, roll, jump, and clash with your rival titans, no need of brakes, boost your nitro to get the best speed. This police car stunt will drag you to intense and thrilling challenging missions, drive your grand amazing and crazy police impossible driving cars to perform reckless hedges to show the audience that you are the best cop driver by pulling off the mad aerobatics and unleash the racer inside within yourself, experience the madness of auto racer.
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