Car Stunts Extreme Race Drive

Do you have guts to push and drive stunt cars around the supreme treacherous and challenging impossible extreme race tracks and perform crazy wild and ultimate modern and lethal daredevil jet stunt car on reckless impossible tracks? Drive and race your sports muscle vehicle over the metal and steel platforms and containers suspended in the air, control your speed and race with full focus on twisted and turning tracks, don't lose your sight or else you will lose the level, survive the most stimulating treacherous city car stunts arena. Select your favorite GT automobile or muscle sports auto to perform reckless manoeuvres on this extreme racing drive track, hold the steering tight and buckle up your seat belt, enjoy modern stunts over these gigantic tracks, avoid dangerous obstacles in this amazing and legendary wipe out extreme destruction racer driving game. Take out your muscle sports cars from the hanging parking lot area and dare to be a fearless driver to push the automobiles on deadly and impossible roads with extreme cars needs special training and speed for performing mid-air ramps tricks and hard time jumps. Race your mega luxury and sports stunt cars through realistic adrenaline and furious tracks with high performance automobiles, before starting the race take your cars to the workshop and garage for a maintenance check-up with the best jet car mechanic for fine tune performance with top speed, acceleration, tires, suspension, drag and drift onto the ridged impossible iron tracks in extreme race dashing over speed in a mix of high-octane driving and endless racing daredevil aerobatics. Steer wheel of racing vehicles, perform amazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around the amazing tracks. Car stunt intense racing has thrilling challenging missions, drive your grand amazing and crazy auto to perform reckless hedges to show the audience that you are the best driver by pulling off the mad stunts and unleash the racer inside within yourself. This mega ramp tricks are all about living the life on the edge, start your engines and drive the amazing and astonishing grand muscle or sports cars through death-defying tracks and paths, show off the extreme daredevil GT racing stunts
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