Demolition Derby Speedway 2017

We've mixed elements of Demolition derby, Enduro racing, derby speedway, UK Banger racing, US dirt ovals n dirt speedways, crash racing, r-factor, Asphalt nitro, csr racing, racing in-car, need for speed and crammed it into a motor-sport stock car nitro fueled full contact derby speedway crash car race sim, Lay waste and leave wreckage and destruction in the dirt. Race on dirt tracks with up to 20 competitor drivers, 5 levels of destruction, deformation, twisted metal, crashes, smashes, wreckage, crunches, pile up's, damage and 30 demolition darby championships. Hello Dirt oval racing fans. It's time to drive and get muddy. In the latest 3d destruction fueled xtreme sim from mojo game studioBust open the short dirt speeday oval track motorsport derby crash racingenduro dirt oval racing on speedways is probably the hottest, most favorite topic for the game developers around the globe. There are countless fast enduro car driving games available in the Android market, yet it is difficult to find a good crash race or full contact game for your phone that includes extreme figure of 8. But guess what. It is your lucky day. Install it on your device and face the challenge this dirt track demolition derby race. It is your chance to compete with the top race track drivers around the world and face the mighty AI in some full speed enduro driving in 3D. Why it is Amazing and Unique: "Carnage" has some spectacular car drive controls and real cool new features which no other destruction racer game has. Some of them are just mentioned below: Multiple Driving Views Available: This deformation racer simulator game presents several different view options for racer to enjoy the most. You'll find the usual regular in car view with it's detailed 3D cockpit and dashboard, bonnet/hood cam, roof, rear and top down race-cam views as well. Game Features: Universal app, install on any Android device including tabsTilt-steering. with Horizon tilt for more comfort viewing, optional touch steeringAccurate car specifications and handling6.3D race driver cams, loads of Unique and challenging banger race dirt tracksAmazing 3D Graphics and backgrounds to make it a real demolition derby driving experienceReal 3D car driver simulator and fast and fluid game-playThe all new 1st person immersive in-car mode really brings you a life like crash racing simulation to the mobile screen showing broken wheels and twisted metal. Aggressive AI if you bump 'em first, they probably will get the ump and bump ya back. So bring your best skills out and beat them all with clean overtaking, or just t-bone 'em, slam 'em into the walls, side swipe 'em, flip 'em, smash 'em. All we know is this smashing enduro figure 8 racing game is called "Demolition Derby Speedway 2017". Get some destruction in ya game and demolish those speedway lap times.
Operating System Android