Drift Bike

KICKED OUT INTO ISOLATION FROM YOUR GROUP OF FRIENDS BECAUSE THEY FEEL THAT YOU CAN'T RIDE AS GOOD AS THEM (FULL SPEED ONLY). YOU EMBARK ON A MISSION TO LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT DRIFT BIKING IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. Drift Bike is an endless runner game that is designed to test your riding skills through traffic and obstacles. Journey through the countryside, forest and desert plains while smoking up a storm burning out that rear tire. Duck and weave your way through the increasing traffic to let the world know you're on your way to the top. Drift Bike is an endless driving simulator to entertain the gamer, designed to test your riding skills through traffic and obstacles while collecting coins and having fun drifting. Are you tired of hearing that "you don't have the skill, you can't ride" or that "Bikes can't Drift"? Then show your skill here and prove them all wrong. We'll see you on the Leader-board. Save yourself the pain and hospital bills from learning to drift on the real road. Learn to Drift in this amazing App first. Experience the RR outlaws bike movement directly from your phoneWhile the driver gains more experience, the road gets more challenging which makes the drifting and collecting of coins more difficult to archive. By collecting coins along the way for in-game purchases such as upgrades, bikes and avatars. This Beta version will bank your coins ready for the full release next monthWhile developing, and testing our original game, we were having so much fun with it that we decided that the world needed to see this. So, we made a small pivot from our original design and Drift Bike was born. Tell us what you think, we'd love to know. We have released this Beta version of the game so that you can be involved in the final stages of development. Your opinion counts, so please submit your feedback and comments and follow our updates on Facebook. Even the placements of any advertising are for feedback and comments.
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