Chameleator Colors

This enterteining game will test your mental speed to help Chameleator to keep going its long way through the highway. The naughty Chameleator will change his colors and it can only pick one of the tree rails of the track to move on, for that it must pick one of the tree corresponding colors of the sings. If you fail to choose the right color, the game is over. A higher score reached, more fast and hard the game will become, therefore it will require more concentration. Characteristics: A very cool look: Charming vintage-retro graphics that emulates some of the videogames classics of our childhood. Simple and functional design: Simplicity is our locker. It only takes few minutes to understand and then enjoy this game. For everyone: Chameleator Colors can be enjoyed for everybody and it was designed for that purpose. Adults, teenagers and children can try it because its very simple and fun. Its addictive: Once you try it, it will be hard to stop and you would like to play it again and again. World ranking: Login on Facebook and share your best scores to compare your performance with other players in the world, making the game more exciting, increasing your competitiveness, tryng to be one best players of the planet. Only de best 25 results will be in the "ranking top" of Chameleator Colors. Can you really handle the challenge? - Share: When you login on Facebook you can share at your wall the download link of the game, to invite to your family and games to join to this phenomenon. Train your mind: By associating the colors quickly you are training your mind to improve your motor reaction and reflexes, allowing fast an well taken decisions. Offline: Chameleator Colors, is the right game to kill time when you are offline or without WiFi connection. You have the freedom to play it anytime and anywhere.
Operating System Android