Ultra4 Offroad Racing

9 different levels with increasing difficulty, negotiate rocks, trees and other obstacles. Reach the finish line without running out of fuel or flipping the vehicle and the next level is unlocked. Completing all 9 levels unlocks night mode, the vehicle lights are on and the levels are plunged into darkness. 9 different levels with realistic backgrounds and tracksGame progress saved seperatly for day & nightDay & night mode is switchable once unlockedThe vehicle is an actual Ultra4 offroad jeep owned by a friend of mineVehicle has physics based suspension and engine breaking for steep gradientsActual vehicle ignition & engine soundsSimple but effective controlsDisplay indicators for speed, fuel, time, level progress, altitude & pitchNo Ads Game looks and feels great on any android deviceHave you got what it takes to be the next Ultra4 Offroad Racing Champion?
Operating System Android