Real Road Racer: Racing 3D

Here you can take part in exciting racing of overtake. Competition The Real Road invites the best racers on the unique street event - you will find a lot of tests, secrets, drift and busy traffic. Action will take place in the whole city, so that your skills will be where carousing. If you are ready to plunge into the world of speed and machines, the game Real Road Racer: Racing 3D welcomes you. Beautiful graphics and physics will allow you to really feel the road, your car and feel all the tension when overtake or drift. Enjoy spectacular views of the city at night, the beauty of the bustling traffic and amazing effects. All models was created from real, so you will know the familiar car and even be able to use the existing knowledge about driving. Exciting game music will not get bored during the relax and add energy during hard racing. For you, the novice racer, winning the tournament of overtake and drift Real Road - the main goal. After receiving the grand prize, you will be able to unleash your talent of driving. But get ready for a hard fight, because you are against real professionals, who were preparing the years. Quickly learn, learn new driving techniques, learn the city and cars, memorize features of different traffic areas and watch the other players. Take part in all kinds of racing, from drift to overtake, to earn money and influence. Upgrade your car, in time to carry out repairs on the assembly and check build on test tracks of Real Road. On the remaining money express yourself as a racer and make your car unique. Of course, do not forget about buying a new: at the beginning you will still not be enough for a car that will lead you to victory in the competition Real Road and withstand surprises busy traffic at high speed. Also do not forget about the police: you street racer, and therefore try to avoid problems with the law. The game is completely free, so everyone can plunge into the world of bustling traffic and overtake racing. The main thing is to have the courage, pride, skill and luck fraction. Have a good time and become the new hero of the drift of the night city.
Operating System Android