Ultimate Buggy Race 3D

The Ultimate Buggy Race 3D is a real car racing game. You have to drive the Buggy and the enemy cars will try to intercept and hit your car in order to knock out you from the race. The enemy cars will try to damage your car to degrade you efficiency, so you should keep your car away from them. It is an interesting game and you must reach at the destination point in a specified limited time, otherwise you will lose the race. So, play this racing game intelligently by protecting your Buggy from enemy cars. You have already played monster truck, fun race and car games, but you will find the Ultimate Buggy Race 3D as one of the best car games of 2016. You will find more powerful and user friendly controls for heavy vehicles. There are three different environments, which will enable you to play with your vehicle in multiple environments. You will fight against enemy cars to defeat them and win the race. So, enjoy the best thrilling racing car experience by installing the Ultimate Buggy Race 3D of 2016. Some of the powerful features of this game include: Smoother ControlsHeavy Vehicles Three Different Environments (Desert, Lake and River).
Operating System Android