Skillful Traffic Racer

Are you ready to drive the fastest cars in the world? This game offers you a realistic experience for that. You will have adrenaline, excitement and you will take the risk. Skillful Traffic Racer is a very ambitious game for this. At the beginning, you can choose the car that fits your character. You can choose the design, the color and the equipment of your car and make your car as you wish. Improve your car's strength, speed, brake and maneuverability thanks to the money you earn. Enjoy the speed and the traffic. You will get the high points and money if you do not have an accident in a heavy traffic. With this money, you can buy new sports cars and modify them. The Features of the Skillful Traffic Racer: Controlling by touch- Controlling with motion sensor- Realistic Cars- Realistic visual graphics- Realistic sound effects- Ability to modify your cars- Nitro- Different and challenging mods- Range of different weather conditions- Graphics editing options- Optioning the position of the camera- Ability to gain extra pointsExtras: Bomb-laden truck (Accelerate and make it active) - If your speed gets lower than 80km/h, everything ends. BOOOM. Tactics: You can go further and earn more money if you race against the bomb-laden truck. You can get extra points if you pass very close to the cars in the traffic. If you go on the reverse side of the road, it means more points and the way to the reach to your dream car.
Operating System Android