Racing Turbo Simulator

A ride on the fastest races of infinite traffic. Take a ride on the fastest race you've ever seen. Overtake the obstacles in its path. This racing game gives you the opportunity to choose the style of driving that can be both tranquil and safe for traffic in the traffic stream, and extremely racing. Get the experience of the rider was easy, with our games. driving simulator will teach you to easily go around the counter cars. You can choose from classic cars and more powerful modern models. Cars have their own specifications and real engine sounds. Model cars have thoroughly researched the body and interior with a working instrument panel, creating the effect of full presence and the special sense of realism from the race. Crank the engine and move along a busy highway as quickly as possible, ahead of the dense automobile traffic and earn points that will be useful for the discovery of new cars and other features of the game. You will be pleasantly surprised by the huge number of unique tracks, with different illumination, wide road and the number of lanes. Simulator driving and racing - is the latest game, no doubt, is best suited for a fanatical fan of racing series. Feel the drive and appreciate the physics of race cars. Enjoy this exciting adventure, the modern game. Pedal to the floor, look forward, thinking only about winning. Game Objectives: to stay on the road as long as possible to earn a lot of money and pump your car or buy a more powerful. We are prepared for any difficulties in your way and win them. Nesites tight overtaking on the motorway road traffic and dodging between them. This racing game uses realistic physics of cars, which will give the real feeling of driving and racing. Dynamic change of day and night gives you the opportunity to ride at any time of the day. At night, you will feel the realism of the present, which will give you our racing simulator. The choice represented by a large number of vehicles with different technical characteristics. This game can rightly be considered one of the best driving simulator to date. Record video replays of exciting gaming moments and share them with your friends on social networks. High-quality graphicsExcellent 3D graphics will impress even the most demanding player. Supported languagesSimulator is available in multiple languages. THIS IS ONLY YOUR MACHINEBetter, makes a powerful and paint your car the way you want it. BETTER THAN REALITYMost modern physics. TUNINGChange the appearance of their carsTHERE IS NO LIMIT TO PERFECTIONthe force of gravity on you have no power. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: Stunning realism-huge fleet-tyuning and upgrade vehicles-dinamichny gameplay-Realistic game physics-Stunning HD graphics-A great game scenario-is free-More than 10 detailed maps-A great driving simulator-detalnoe world environment-sumasshedshie race-and much more.
Operating System Android