Clash Metal

Enjoy great graphics and fun physics in a variety of fun game modes like racing or pushing your friends off the map and being the last one standing. A network connection is optional. FEATURES. Single player mode does not require internet or wifi. Multiplayer Online and Local Wifi modes so you can play with your friends anywhere. Choose from game modes like Racing or try some other game mode. New Tracks uploaded every week and sometimes new game modes so keep a look for that. More than 8 cars each with their own physics feel and new ones are added regularlySupportAre you having problems? The game is an early release so if you find any bugs please send them to us directly via email: indig0gamedev@gmail.com or use the contact button, Thank you for your understanding. Technical Troubleshoot & SpecsA minimum of 1GB RAM and a Quad-core 1. 2 GHz CPU is required to play the game. Some lower end devices may experience frame rate stutters if that happens you can choose a lower graphics option from the menu. EXTRAComing soon: Map editor.
Operating System Android