Death Car Racing:Enemy Killer

New Car Racing game with furious death. Let's enjoy the extreme death racing now. In this game shoot the enemy during driving. Enemies attacks on your car and reduce your car power. Unlock most fantastic cars by skillful plays, and challenge the extreme of speed and distance. Complete bounty missions and earn honorable achievementsEnjoy beautiful views along roads, bridges, seashore and more. Features: Top notch graphics and special effects. Get all you can from your mobile device. Advanced physics: car frames and doors get dented and smashed like real. Garage with a selection of unbelievable frames, engines, bumpers and body kits that are unique for every car. Blow up and slow down opponents with cool explosions. Attractive and Powerful Supercars with Top Speed of 480 KM/H. Nitro Boosts. Energy Shield.
Operating System Android