Real Car Drift Zonda

Real Car Drift Pagane Hoary This is a car resource package. Best racing game in 2016 has arrived. Get into your Pagane Hoary right now. An ultra-luxury car in the world. Fasten your seat belt, increase the speed to overtake other vehicles. Enjoy the top speed in the city races and be the winner in the breathtaking car race. Realize your dream of Supercars. Don. t worry about speeding, show your skills for a shot at top drivers. So fast and so cool. Tilt your device or tap buttons to control direction, avoid accident to get safe drive. Unnecessary accident will waste your valuable time so be careful with other vehicles. When drifting, you. d better use Nitro propulsion to handle curve, it will save more time. As you know, it. s really a good opportunity to steer to past your opponents. Remember to use game props reasonably to help you win the game. Classic racing game with new concept- Choose Your Favourite Operation Mode: G-sense: Tilt device to control direction. More convenient. Touch control: Tap buttons to control direction. More classic. Sign in to Get Daily Gift: Remember to sign in everyday, you will get great surprise. Besides gold coin, diamonds you will also gain fine super cars. Customize Your Car Exactly to Your liking: Cars can be customized with a wide range of paint, rims, brake calipers and interior trims just like a real car. Collect more gold coins to customize your car. Be the unique landscape in the city race. Variety of City Race to Choose: New York, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, etc. Experience the different style of scenery along the racing. Create a stunning visual experience for you. Four Different Mode Offer You High Playability: Classic Mode, Elimination Mode, 1 VS 1, Time Trail. Choose any kind of mode you like to show your skill. Believe you can win the game in all of the mode. Features ofReal Car Drift Pagani Huayra: 3D NEW-GEN Graphics. Reappear stunning detail of Pagani Huayra, circuits, buildings and other parts of this game. You will be amazed by the gorgeous graphics, rich gameplay, immersive music and the insanely addictive quality of this game. Rich selection of game props. Top Speed, Acc, Nos Speed, Handle, etc. Choose the props reasonably to overtake other racers and get a higher score in the game. You can buy these props in the shop before starting the game. Do more stunts to get higher scores and bonus. Increase the fly time, get more perfect Nitro and do more save drive can help you to complete the race better. But take care when you do these stunts to avoid annoying accident. Win the game and collect gold coins to purchase your dream car. Upgrade your Pagani Huayra to achieve the best. Realize your dream of Supercar. Tips: Use Nitro propulsion when you are coming to the finish line. Seize the last opportunity to fly at the top. Double-click the button of Nitro (Continuous use) to get Perfect Nitro, that means you will get a higher speed. Avoid accident to get Safe Drive. Unnecessary accident will waste your valuable time, so be careful with other vehicles. Use the slop to get Fly Time. It. s easy to overtake. If you meet a slop, don't hesitate, drive on it. Remember to maintain your car. Just like a real car, collision andskid will damage your car. So use the gold coin to repair and maintain your car, keep your Pagani Huayra always in a best state. Enjoy the max speed in Real Car Drift Pagani Huayra. Experience the exciting drag racing in city race. Set different mode of race in a variety of ways, enjoy the pleasure of driving an ultra-luxury car. Build your own team and challenge the limit. Show your skills for a shot at top drivers. Come and download Real Car Drift Pagani Huayra, the best racing game in 2016, to be the top racer and gain the honor.
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