SpringWorld Challenge

SpringWorld Challenge is a 2D physics-based computer game where you drive and fly all sorts of vehicles such as cars and rockets. All vehicles are made of springs that can be destroyed and this can radically change the vehicles' behavior and the way they can be controlled. This results in a very challenging and dynamic gameplay experience that you don't want to miss. The vehicles can also repair themselves automatically so you don't have to drive around with something that can barely move. However, repairing takes time, so in certain situations it might be better to bite the bullet and try to complete the challenges with that damaged vehicle. It's up to you. Earn trophies to unlock new challenges. Trophies are earned by completing challenges quickly, getting little damage or being environmentally friendly. SpringWorld Challenge also features online highscores with replays attached to them so you can see how the best players pulled it off. Save your best replays and share with your friends.
LicenseFree to try
File Size22.91 MB
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows 2000 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows Windows 2003