Outsmart Mike

Sure, other people can understand what you say. But can Software Candy's Mike understand you? Your goal - and challenge - is to speak so that Mike can understand. No human is perfect; neither is Mike: Making Mike understand every word you say can be tricky, and the only way to get a perfect score is by playing with him, studying him and outsmarting him. How the game works: 1. When you start OutsmartMike, you are presented with a simple prompt: "Press the Start button, then say the phrase in the Speak box." 2. Right below the prompt there is a shiny button, labeled Start. 3. Press it and you will be greeted by Google's Voice Search dialog: "Speak Now"* 4. You'll find the text to be spoken - in tiny font (that's part of the challenge!). Just read it aloud. (Warning: If you speak too slowly, Mike might interpret it as the end of your speech and you'll get a lower score.) 5. Press Start again and you will be presented with a different phrase.You will soon realize that scoring a perfect 100% score is not that easy, as you are faced with several challenges: 1. Read the small font 2. Pronounce the words correctly 3. Speak slowly enough for Mike to understand you 4. Speak quickly enough for Mike to not interrupt you 5. Study Mike's quirks (mood, temperament, stubborness) 6. Outsmart Mike! In addition to the 6-fold challenge fun, you can use this game to improve your pronunciation. It can also be used as an educational tool for non-native English speakers. The free version of OutsmartMike has only 3 different phrases and displays the spoken result in a single color (grey) along with what Mike expected to hear. The Pro version, purchased via the PayPal button on the screen, will offer the following benefits: Color highlighting of correctly recognized words (green) vs. Incorrect ones (red). Current phrase score. Current session score. Cumulative score. Larger phrase selection User preferences (for example, turn off highlighting for greater challenge, reset scores, etc.) Greater control over presented phrases ("repeat" and "next" buttons, for example). Winning Trophy: When you reach a pre-defined score for the session, you will be able to see an image, an animation or video (to be determined). Multi player scoring and tracking.
Price USD1.99
License Free to try
File Size 308.07 kB
Version 1.1.110824
Operating System Android