Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption demo

This expansion pack for Star Wars: Empire at War presents a new, unique point of view of the Galactic Civil War as you play as an aspiring Underworld figure. Corruption runs through your veins and drives your desire to become the most notorious criminal leader since Jabba the Hutt. The Rebels have just destroyed the Death Star, and the galaxy is in turmoil. In other words, it's just the time that you, an ambitious criminal genius named Tyber Zann, have been waiting for. Spread corruption throughout the galaxy using new strategic gameplay elements to influence other factions, steal their funds, slow their production, and spy on them. Exciting new land-tactical options like customizable, upgradeable bases, and guerilla warfare allow for innovative battlefield tactics.Take command of and confront new fighting units for all factions, including Rebel B-wings, Imperial TIE interceptors, and Super Star Destroyers). Take down anyone who stands in your way of ruling the Underworld, be they new battlefield heroes like Luke Skywalker and Yoda, or even your most bitter rival Jabba the Hutt. The ultimate prize awaits: an immense Super Star Destroyer known as the Eclipse. Spanning the length of nearly 11 of the Star Destroyers seen in the original Empire at War, this deadliest capital ship in the galaxy comes equipped with a superlaser rivaling that of the Death Star.The demo for Forces of Corruption offers one mission in which you take control over the planet of Mandalore and create a black market on Nal Hutta.
LicenseFree to try
File Size605.45 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows
System RequirementsWindows 2000/XP, 1GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 32MB video card with hardware T&L, DirectX 9.0c, 1.03GB disk space