Abomination demo

The plague is once again stalking the earth. In six days a superpower has vanished under the heels of the most virulent virus humanity has ever known. Starting in New York on a Sunday, it made its way to Los Angles by the following Saturday, leaving a swath of victims spewing blood from every orifice. No cure. No hope. Only death. As the devastation spread, so did the insanity. A cult blossomed as the body count rose. Calling themselves the Faithful, they preached the demise of mankind and the absolution of the Brood. In the bowels of a classified government complex, the eight survivors of Project Nemesis awake to a new world. Nemesis, a black ops program, sought to create the ultimate covert operative. Genetically augmented volunteers from Delta, SEALS, and Force Recon were engineered to be the ultimate weapons for low-intensity conflicts. Now they have to fight a war against a different kind of enemy.
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License Free to try
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Operating System Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98
System Requirements None