Special Forces Tournament

The tournament between mercenaries has started. A big prize and a comfortable future awaits the winner. There are many sponsors of the fight, starting with a form and ending with the weapons. This time it turned out that there was too much anxiety among the combatants, and you must choose the right tactic to win. Will you hide or join the brawl? Use any weapon and try to survive in this arena. Controls: F - Pick up weapons, ammo; 1,2,3 ... Change weapons; WASD - Character movement; SPACEBAR - Jump; SHIFT - Sprint; Esc - Exit to the menu; LKM - Shoot.
Price 0
License Free
File Size 155.98 MB
Version 12.0
Operating System Windows Server 2016 Windows XP Windows Me Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows NT Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows 98 Windows 8 Windows 2003 Windows 2000