With Battlefield V, we want to take you on a true journey through World War 2. But what do we mean by that? Instead of just showcasing new locations, we want to immerse you in this epic conflict and evolve the gameplay, just as tactics and weaponry evolved throughout the war. This entire journey is called Tides of War - and it starts with your Company. Customize Your Company - And See it Evolve over Time The Company reflects you. It is your collection of customized soldiers, weapons, and vehicles developed and modified as you progress through the Battlefield V journey - and you can bring it to all multiplayer modes and the cooperative Combined Arms. You can create one personalized Company per faction, each containing a set number of soldiers, vehicles, and aircraft. In multiplayer, you'll be able to play as the British and German armies - the initial two factions of the game. The soldier classes - which consist of the four staples of Medic, Scout, Support, and Assault - can be customized to accommodate your playstyle. You can alter their appearance by changing aspects like outfits, gender, helmets, skin color, and war paint. You can of course also change loadouts to best suit your upcoming fight. The more you use your weapon in battle, the more you open additional customization options such as skins, receivers, stocks, barrels, muzzles, and more. This goes for vehicles too: customize your tanks with paint jobs, sand bags, leaf camos, and more to really stand out. This personalization will also build a name for yourself - both squad mates and enemies will remember you based on what they see on the battlefield. Playing the game is the best way to progress your Company and unlock more customization options and abilities. Whether you take on multiplayer or cooperative Combined Arms, all your efforts grant XP that goes to leveling up your Company. As you gain XP, you unlock new Archetypes for your soldier classes. An Archetype is a class specialization developed to fit a particular playstyle. For example, as a Support, you may be able to choose from the Engineer or the Machine Gunner - among other Archetypes. These specializations create clearer team roles and greater gameplay depth. The available weapons, gadgets, and attributes vary between Archetypes. You can switch between Archetypes during matches, so you always have the right tools - and skills - for the job. Through Tides of War, we'll be introducing new Archetypes that support new playstyles. You can even choose exotic Archetypes like the Paratrooper Recon, a Scout that uses stealth and silenced weaponry to take out enemies.
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