FPS Cam 3D Shooter HD

Do you ever wonder experiencing a first person shooter in real life? Now you can. With FPS Cam 3D Shooter HD and its augmented reality you can simulate the use of your favorite weapons including knifes, M4, AK47, grenades and more! FPS Cam 3D Shooter HD combines high quality graphics with a fun gaming experience. You can take screenshots, save them in the gallery and share them with friends through email, facebook, whatsapp and other applications. Transform any environment in a simulated shooter. You are the soldier. Features: 3D high quality graphics; Play offline; 6 Weapons completely free; 3 Weapons to purchase with the coins of the game; Buy game's coins with real money; Eearn free game's coins with offers within the game; Remove the advertising within the game; Take screenshot and save them to the gallery; Share screenshot with your friends; Endless magazines; Sight; Action Charging; Rotates the camera as you wish (normal, upside down, mirror). Included weapons: Knife; Pistol (2 types, normal and with laser sight); Skorpion VZ61; UMP - 45; AK 47; Shotgun; M4A1; FN SCAR (with grenade launcher mode). Weapons coming soon: 5 New weapons on the way, including grenade and sniper.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None