The best fragging deal on iPhone® and iPod touch: Intense multiplayer FPS that unleashes a new breed of mayhem. The best fragging deal is also one of the best fragging games: Archetype delivers a high quality console-style FPS experience on iPhone or iPod touch. No gimmicks, no tricks: iPWNAGE IS JUST $2.99. OPTIMIZED for iPHONE 4: Takes full advantage of Retina Display with HIGHER RESOLUTION weapons, textures and crisper on-screen HUD. Headshots never looked so good! INTENSE MULTIPLAYER-ONLY DEATHMATCHES for up to 5 on 5 combat. TEAM BATTLES ACROSS 5 MAPS with 6 WEAPONS (including the Battle and Precision Rifles, rapid-fire AutoMag, shotgun, missile launcher, and brutal melee axe) plus 2 grenade types. PRECISE DUAL JOYSTICK-STYLE CONTROLS: Master the tight controls in seconds. RANK UP by earning EXP for winning games, earning any one of dozens of medals, and more! INSTANTLY ADD and CHALLENGE BUDDIES: Start a deathmatch in seconds. TRACK ENEMIES via on-screen RADAR. MELEE WITH ANY GUN by tapping the on-screen radar. CUSTOMIZE your gameplay: Invert aim axis, set aim sensitivity, hide on-screen joysticks, even turn off auto-fire!
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
File Size 61.42 MB
Version 1.0.5
Operating System iOS, iPhone OS 4.x
System Requirements None