Quake Live

Quake Live is an online, free version of Quake III: Gold. A skill-based matchmaking engine lets players find opponents of similar ability. A game interface lets players filter matches by friends, difficulty level, and game type.There are five game types in Quake Live--three team modes, one free-for-all, and one one-on-one: Duel mode features player versus player (1on1) combat. Whoever gets the most frags before the time is up wins; in Free For All mode, players engage in a match where everyone fights for himself. The winner is the first player to hit the frag limit. Matches can also be time-based. Team Deathmatch offers the same rules as Free For All, but with two teams fighting against each other. In Capture The Flag mode, each team has a base, holding a flag. To earn points and win the game, a team has to take the opposite flag, and return it to their own base. Clan Arena features team-based gameplay. Everyone starts fully equipped with full armor and weapons. When fragged, the player must wait for the next round to begin. There also is an Instagib mode. In this Free For All mode, players start with only a Railgun, which always delivers one-hit kills. Instagib servers are unranked.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Webware
System Requirements Windows plug-in available at Quake Live Web site