Half-Life 2 The Great Forever Tomorrow mod

The Great Forever Tomorrow is the second project by Kiwi Productions. It requires Half Life 2 Episode 2 to play. It is a single-player adventure through a surreal underground fortress.Your mission is routine: determine the origins of the strange transmissions from the abandoned alien planet. There is no record of human interaction on this planet, although it is clear from space that it had been colonized at some point. The current theory is that some previous generation's tech has accidentally restarted. Relics from man's early colonization of space are often rediscovered in this manner.The mod features two new guns, original textures, complete with normal mapping, original voice acting and music, an original story, a variety of gameplay (more than just combat), and surreal and over the top environments.
File Size146.27 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows
System RequirementsHalf-Life 2 Episode 2 full game