Battlefield 1942 Ominos Archipelago Map

This map contains five small islands in the middle of Open Ocean; they are to be used strategically in the midst of a naval battle. The (fictional) Ominos Archipelago is a group of five small islands in the midst of Open Ocean. The islands are of some strategic value and so are serving as the site of a battle between an Allied naval force and an Axis naval force. Each team must sink their opponent's entire navy to be considered victorious. Each side (Axis and Allies) has a fleet comprised of one aircraft carrier (which spawns up to four fighters and up to two level bombers, each armed with torpedoes), two battleships, four destroyers, and two submarines. The landing craft on the carriers and the battleships have been replaced with torpedo boats. Once a ship is sunk, it does not re-spawn; this means that the only way to ensure a victory is to sink your foe's entire naval force.
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