Archer Girl

The peaceful life at a small village under a great forest, carrot plant, mushroom, fresh fruit... That's a signal to season bumper, the atmosphere becomes darkness seems to be heavy rain to come. Unfortunately, that not a rain to come instead that is phenomenon never happen before.It seems effect by dark magic. "...Vegetables are moving and shaking to transforms a vegetable monster..." At the darkness never come, to protect a little hunter girl her name, Lina. A young family Henry and Heli mother are the best monster hunt in the village. They take their child to hiding place far away from land cursed. They use all power to help the prisoner escape. But a power empty, it so many wave attack by the vegetable hunter. They have been kidnaped and the villagers were arrested. Archer girl hears a big noise, it seems a bomb. After that, the atmosphere becomes quietly. She breaks the door and runs to outside to find her family.Carrots ghost, cabbage smoke, killer bees...; All of them are a weakness, she shoots and destroys the monsters. Archer girl goes to Shrine Temple and meets Dante witch. He gets tired and painfully, a little whisper sound from him: " You are the last hope, take a magic bow and rescue the villagers". After that, he breathed his last breath. Archer girl runs as fast as she can to the magic gate to research people and tries to understand what happens? Game mechanics: Each level has only one magic gate, use should go there to complete a level. A character goes through each small level by the portal. Each level has hiding place a prisoner kidnapped. You should find and rescue them to get trophy points. Use can collect coins on levels base for revival, get a ticket to the lottery. A coin collected by hunting to kill enemies or boss. Lottery: the place you shoot and get lucky power-up items, example: gold arrow, bomb arrow, sky arrow, ice arrow, add HP. Powerup items can collect on the level base or on the lottery. Each enemy killed will reward a num of trophy points, try to collect them to get point on google leaderboard or beat your friend score.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 5.0 or up