Alien Planet Morphing

You are the powerful alien from ancient civilization. You can alter world by force of your thought. You can create mountains and caves, hills and valleys. But your power requires updating. For this purpose you should collect magic balls on different planets. Special sphere-assistant will help you. Sphere is operated by altering ground around sphere. Create mountain or a hollow - and sphere start moving in a slope. Alter a landscape on the way of sphere - and it will stop. You will visit various planets with a different landscape. And on each planet you can change a landscape.Game has 90 unique levels, 2 modes of change of surface and 3 modes of game: classical, climb and race. Alien Planet Morphing is a dynamical game with a fresh gameplay, beautiful 3D-graphics and plenty of opportunities which make game fascinating and unusual.
LicenseFree to try
File Size3.87 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 98 Windows Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows Me
System RequirementsWindows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, DirectX 8.1 drivers