Panther Fantastic Hero City Battle

Let's enter to the world of adventure to enjoy the real hero fight against gangster and bad criminals in Panther Fantastic Hero City Battle. People who love to play incredible superhero games and flying hero games, then this panther hero simulator game is only for them. Play the role of city superhero in this panther hero fighting simulator and show off your astonishing fighting skills against the dangerous criminals. Become the protector of the people in the vice city and secure them from cruelty. Amaze yourself with the innovative concept of super panther hero fight against bad guys and fantastic hero which is evil monster in the grand city. The grand city, which was the symbol of peace, was turned into a crime city of bad guys and evil monster. The stage is well set for the entry of imaginary hero of superhero games. The mafia and thugs are using super powers and kill the innocent peoples, destroy the modern city. The crime of the grand city is on peak and gangsters are changing the map of the beautiful city into graveyard. STORY BASED MISSIONS: Panther Fantastic Hero City Battle is started with wonderful and interesting story, dangerous mafia, thugs are destroy, kill the innocent civilians and rule in the city. Suddenly an alien comes from another universe like a fantastic hero who is coming to rule the gang of mafia and whole grand city. Fantastic villain has super power, gangster, thugs mafia are ready to worship him and bow he knew in front of evil monster. You play as super panther hero to save the grand city, kill the evil power and evil monster with the help of power punches, kicks and super attacks. Panther hero cleans bad guys in the grand city and save the civilians from them. Fight with fantastic hero and thugs' mafia to kill them. You have to safe yourself from enemies' counter attack and try to maintain your health bar. It's time to turn yourself into a wreck outstanding killer machine and fight for your last breath. Several thrilling missions are designed for you. Panther hero can also fly and move fast from one place to another.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None