XSearch32 is Full Text Retrieval System for Win 9x/NT/ME/2k with multilanguage support to search in XML files. It is made from well known Search32 full-text search utility and supports search in XML formatted files. Search for whole words, parts of words or combinations of words joined with logical operations AND, OR and NOT. Search in the entire text and/or in XML elements. Supports proximity search (NEAR). View more than one line of source text or double-click to run an associated program (Internet Exporer, Netscape Navigator, Notepad, etc.) to view the entire document. Unique multilingual capabilities. No limit to the number of files or the size of files to be indexed and searched. Automatic, on-the-fly, index updating - completely transparent for the user.
File Size1.08 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows 95 Windows Windows 98