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RemoteExec allows you to remotely execute the same program simultaneously on multiple computers, without requiring preinstalled agents on target machines. This can help you to update all your Windows NT/2000/XP computers. For example, you can deploy Service Packs, patches, and hotfixes, modify registries with .reg file, install Windows Installer Packages (.msi file) without leaving your administration console. RemoteExec also helps you to inform users about imminent events (server shutdowns, power cuts, Â…) with a better presentation than popup messages. (e.g.: you can display the message as an html page or a Word document). And finally RemoteExec helps you to shutdown all your network before a power cut or close all user sessions on your network after working hours to improve security.
Price USD49
License Purchase
Version 3.07
Operating System Windows NT Windows XP Windows Windows 2000
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/NT/XP
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