Atelier Web Remote Commander

You may be familiar with utilities that allow remote management of computers. All those utilities require that you install software on the remote computer in order to process your requests and send the information back to you. The first thing that makes AWRC different is that it does not require that you install any kind of software on the remote machine. Sure, it seems impossible. We thought that also! The second thing is that AWRC allows you to gather more information from the remote system than remote privileged users can dream about. By far and large, AWRC is the more powerful remote audit tool you can find. The third thing is that AWRC provides a great set of tools for remote computer management. You can do virtually anything on the remote computer you do on the local system.
File Size1.72 MB
Operating System Windows NT 4 Windows 2003 Windows Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows NT
System Requirements
  • Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003
  • Pentium II/III 600MHz or higher
  • 64MB RAM (128MB RAM recommended)
  • Microsoft Networks