Zipboard lets you copy files and folders across locations that may not be inter-accessible via the file system but that do share the clipboard, such as remote desktops connected via terminal services. Using Zipboard, you can directly transfer files between your local machine and the remote desktop seen in a terminal client, without needing to access the remote machine as a network drive on your LAN. To effect a copy-paste operation across remote desktops, Zipboard needs to be installed on both - the local and remote machines. Files/folders from either location can be copied using the Send To > Zipboard menu command, or by dragging them onto a drop target icon. These can then be pasted at the other end using the New > Zipboard Target or Paste from Zipboard menu commands. You can also copy/paste by running Zipboard from a command-prompt with appropriate parameters.
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Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows Me
System RequirementsWindows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 Server